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Red vs. Blue: A Rewatch

Feb 26, 2011

We get into episodes 63-67. "The Sacred Quest" begins.


Originally Released February 26th, 2011

Episodes Discussed:

S04E06 The Hard Stop

S04E07 Previous Commitments

S04E08 Looking For Group

S04E09 Exploring Our Differences

S04E10 Setting A High Bar


Feb 19, 2011

We begin reviewing season 4 of Red vs. Blue to much excitement of both host.


Originally Released February 19th, 2011

Episodes Discussed:

S04E01 Familiar Surroundings

S04E02 Hunting Time

S04E03 Fight or Fright

S04E04 Fair Competition

S04E05 Lost in...

Feb 12, 2011

We discuss season 3 of Red vs. Blue as a whole and get into some email.

Feb 5, 2011

We dig into episodes 54-57 of season 3. Less confusing. More funny. (Results may vary)