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Red vs. Blue: A Rewatch

Apr 30, 2011

We discuss the alternative endings of season 5. "Okay dude, calm down, take a chill pill. If you don't have a chill pill take one of those chill strips, you put it on your tongue it dissolves, chill." - Vic


Originally Released April 30, 2011

Entirety of Season 5...

Apr 23, 2011

We discuss episodes 95-100. Wow, one hundred episodes.


Originally Released April 23rd, 2011

Episodes Discussed

S05E16 Biting The Hand

S05E17 Tucker Knows Best

S05E18 Loading...

S05E19 The Wrong Crowd

Apr 16, 2011

We discuss episodes 88-94. Are you listening Ryan?


Originally Released April 16th, 2011

Episodes Discussed

S05E11 Spelunked

S05E12 The Haystack

S05E13 Terms and Provisions

S05E14 Missed Direction

S05E15 Where Credit Is...

Apr 9, 2011

We discuss episodes 83-87. Dave's voice needs a tune up.


Originally Released April 9th, 2011

Episodes Discussed

S05E06 In Memoriam

S05E07 Strong Male Figure

S05E08 Yellow Fever

S05E09 Brass Tacks

S05E10 The Nesting...

Apr 2, 2011

We discuss episodes 78-82. Grammar matters.


Originally Released April 2nd, 2011

Episodes Discussed

S05E01 You Can't Park Here

S05E02 Got Your Back

S05E03 Baby Steps

S05E04 Sibling Arrivalries

S05E05 The Grif...