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Red vs. Blue: A Rewatch

Dec 25, 2010

We get into episodes 30-34. Merry Christmas to all!


Originally Released December 25th, 2010

Episodes Discussed:

S02E11 I Dr
eam of Meanie

S02E12 Room for Rent

S02E13 Me, Myself and You

S02E14 An Audience of Dumb

S02E15 Aftermath, Before Biology


Dec 18, 2010

We dig into episodes 25-29. Also Ian's dad should buy him the remastered set of Red vs Blue.


Originally Released December 18th, 2010

Episodes Discussed:

S02E06 Last Words

S02E07 Nobody Likes You

S02E08 Nine Tenths of the Law

S02E09 In Stereo Where Available

S02E10 Radar Love


Dec 11, 2010


We dig into the first 5 episodes of Season 2 of Red vs Blue! You can contact us at


Originally Released December 11, 2010

Episodes Discussed:

S02E01 Everything Old is New Again

S02E02 Motion to Adjourn

S02E03 Red vs Bleu

S02E04 The Joy of Toggling

S02E05 Sweet Ride


Dec 4, 2010

We watch all of Season 1 in a single sitting and get ready to start Season 2.


Originally Released December 4th, 2010

Entirety of Season 1 Discussed.